Any new company wishing to use SmartFrigo services must comply with a strict SmartFrigo verification policy. This multi-step process begins with checking the client’s reliability (on the market) and is followed by a thorough verification of professional credentials, based on gathered business intelligence and information received from the credit check companies.

This methodology is at the core of SmartFrigo success and user security. SmartFrigo team also monitors on a continues basis all customer activities on the platform and has a very strict way of acting against all signs of fraud and ill practices.

According to our policy we are satisfied only if the verification of a new company/customer results in full clarity as to the factors, which are not seen at a first sight – the iceberg concept of security.

For more details on the SmartFrigo security policies, please read below.

The iceberg concept of security – verification of the company by what can not be seen at the first “sight”

Acting on SmartFrigo

Each transaction entered into the SF platform will be assessed by the verification of references. References will appear in the company profile andwill strongly contribute to a decision wether to conclude the transaction or not (just like on eBay)..

Additionally we offer tools further increasing the portal’s security such as e.g. access to a program verifying Polish international hauler license

Login security and data exchange

SmartFrigo log-in process takes place in a safe environment being encrypted by  SSL technology with a GeoTrust ® certificate. It makes SF log-in process similar to the log-in into your bank account.
You will also be able to recognize the secure encrypted data transmission by a letter “s” in the address of the website – instead of the standard http:// https:// which appear there outside of the encrypted environment.

Managing access to the platform

Every company that becomes SmartFrigo client (a company passing our strict verification process) receives a user ID (e.g ID 1). This ID gives access to a default (main) company account on SF platform. It is possible to create a number of sub-accounts for such company, which will provide access to SF platform for a larger number of company employees (e.g. ID 12, 13, 14 etc.) The user (a company) must take care of this account with all data associated with company profile deposited on it. This must be especially in focus when changing any personal access so that e.g. a former employee of the company will have no access to the system once not on a payroll anymore.
Furthermore, we understand that time is precious and frequently operation under time pressure leave not enough room for a thorough verification of the potential contractor. Our efforts therefore are focused on taking a lot of the burden from your shoulders by ensuring a high level of security for all transactions, which occur on SmartFrigo platform and significantly reduce the risk of interacting with an unserious contractor.

The basic principle remains however unchanged – it is a client’s duty to check al security references of potential partner before entering into transactions.

SmartFrigo Team